Needs Coordination

Coordinator Training

Afro VFX & Canal+ University

In order to meet the demand for global content, the growing appeal of African content and the desire to bring local African industries up to international standards, it is crucial to provide the ecosystems with artists’ coordinators as well.

That is why AfroVFX launched the GES PROD. VFX free program, providing training about tools like ShotGrid, work organization, coordination skills and soft skills to aspiring future African coordinators.

With the support of CANAL+ UNIVERSITY initiative, this online training program aims to train a generation of managers for the coordination of VFX and Animation projects, on the continent.

For the first cohort we were proud to welcome 19 aspiring coordinators coming from 7 African countries (Senegal, Cameroon, D.R.Congo, etc.)

Thanks to the AfroVFX network, participants were able to learn about the role from artists working for major studios and schools like RodeoFX, Hybrid and the School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design (NAD School) – Montreal.

1st cohort

VFX production coordinators