Our Mission

our mission


AFRO VFX's crazy goal is to transform the African continent's VFX and Animation landscape, contributing to the efforts that are already being done by the veteran visual artists who have upheld this industry in their own corners on the continent, one artist at the time, one story at the time. We are on a mission to bring free professional 3D and VFX education to Africa, with the vision to nurture and empower a flourishing ecosystem of world-class talent from the motherland to the world. We recognize the tremendous potential and creativity that Africa has to offer the global CGI industry, and are committed to harnessing this talent by providing FREE VFX and 3D Animation training and building bridges between ecosystems across the African continent with the international industry. AfroVFX’s work is not just teaching skills; but to build and strengthen a community of aspiring VFX artists, animators and coordinators who are passionate about their craft, and want to transform the African industry by coming together to create work that future generations will be proud of. The initiative is a giant leap towards making Africa a hub for VFX and animation, and it's open to anyone who shares the dream of developing a career in this fascinating field.

We didn't know it was impossible so we did it